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BYSC encourages your to take the appropriate "Grassroots" courses provided by Washington Youth Soccer that are relevant to the age you are coaching.. These courses teach you how to run a practice and a team as well as player safety. We expect all coaches to get their appropriate license at Washington Youth Soccer (WYS). Grassroots is the US Soccer program. Here is their page.

BYSC will reimburse coaches for their training. Please see the reimbursement policy here.

WYS has a listing of all the in person clinics in the state. From WYS homepage go to Coaches tab under banner. There is a online and in person component to each module

  • 4v4 Module (for U7-9)
  • 7v7 Module (for U9-10)
  • 9v9 Module (for U11-12)
  • 11v11 Module (for U13+)

Coach Mentor Program

We will offer a unique opportunity for Recreational coaches to be mentored by veteran Seattle United coaches throughout the course of the season. Recreational coaches will pair with a Seattle United coach in a similar age/gender group, or one with comparable experience in the case of U7-U9.

Coaches will have the opportunity to shadow Seattle United coaches at trainings and games throughout the fall, and in turn, the Mentors will attend participating Recreational coach's trainings during the course of the program. Coaches should communicate on a consistent basis to ask questions and look for guidance on session plans. Contact SU West Region Director

For Referees:

BYSC tries to organize Referee clinics each year.

We have a Referee Mentorship Program where new referees are paired with seasoned referees. Please contact John Walself for information about becoming a referee and check out the websites below.

Click here for information on where the nearest Referee Clinic is being held

Seattle Soccer Referee Association
Washington State Referee Committee

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