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There are many ways to coach and run practices, as many as there are coaches and players. Some things are more helpful than others though. First, know the rules and read your WYS coaches handbook (download here) or try this other handbook here. Ideas come from many inspirations, so read some websites and books, watch a video or somebody elses practices, talk to people (they love to tell stories about the good,the bad and the ugly.

Some of the highlights that most sites say. Especially for the younger ages:

  • Keep the practices fun
  • Avoid long lines and keep them moving. They are going to be moving anyway so try to have them moving in the direction you want.
  • Try not to monologue, it is bad for supervillians and for coaches.
  • Each player has a ball. Make the players bring their own.
  • Have a practice plan. It can change and evolve on the spot, but come with a plan.
  • Let them play soccer. The game is a good teacher.

Here are some web based resources.

Byte-Size Coaching - This is free to all Ballard Coaches and has practices laid out for all ages. You could almost plan your whole season's practices from this site. The SYSA site requires you to login.

Soccer Coach-L - These folks have it all laid out: practice plans, game day, young children. Or download it here.

Ballard Academy Training - Use any of the sessions from this year or years prior.

SAQ Training Plan - from British Challenger

Now you can look at these