Dear Parents and Players,

Soccer is such a great game. It is played the world around in the dirt, sand, grass, concrete, pretty much any surface that people can find. People use all sorts of balls from expensive "official" balls to ones woven from plastic bags or banana leaves. The goal may be two trees, a metal post or chalk on the wall. The one constant is everyone loves being out there on the pitch and dreams of that next great shot to win the game.

None of us start out as great players but with practice and more practice we achieve our goals. So spend lots of time with your ball!

We have tried to compile a set of resources for you in this section. We have links to the forms you need, info on gear, and links to training resources. If you don’t see what you need let us know and we will try to help.

Thank you and go enjoy your season,

Andrew Westmark
Club President


The club provides the player with a Jersey. See what the club offers and extras you can purchase in desired

Shoe Bank
A place you can exchange your cleats

Camps and Clinics
Whether you are looking for a one day clinic or a week long overnight camp

Some of those cool places to go on the net

Know the Rules

Authorization to Play (Medical Release Form)
Players Code of Conduct

Be a Role Model
We want to always exhibit the best sportsmanship. This includes all facets of the game from sharing practice space, to graceful winning and losing, to good stewardship of the fields and equipment. Do not talk ill of the other coaches, players or referees.