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Rules and Guidelines

Micro (U7 and under)
Mod (U8 - U12)
Full Field (U13 and over)

Micro & Modified Full Field Links U13 - U19
U5 rules & guidelines
U6/U7 rules & guidelines 17 Laws of the Game
U8 rules & guidelines
U9 rules & guidelines
U10 rules & guidelines
U11/U12 rules & guidelines

SYSA Rules of Competition and Administrative Regulations 2017-2018 (applies to U10+)

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Age Guidelines: What level of play is your child?

Players' ages are figured as of July 31st. A child who turns 12 on July 31st is considered a 12-year-old for that fall season, while one who turns 12 on August 1 is considered an 11-year-old because she is still 11 on July 31st. Players are allowed to play on teams of older players ("playing up") but not on teams of younger players. A U-9 (Under-9) team means that all the players were under 9 years old on July 31st of that year.

See age chart on registration page

What Size Ball?

Proper Soccer Ball Size

Age Group
Soccer Ball Size
u5 Size 3
u6 Size 3
u7 Size 3
u8 Size 3
u9 Size 4
u10 Size 4
u11 Size 4
u12 Size 4
u13 Size 5
u14 Size 5
u15 Size 5
u16 Size 5
u17 Size 5
u18 Size 5