Ballard Youth Soccer Shoe Bank

What it is: place to exchange your clean and out-grown cleats.

Location: 2353 NW 85th St. Grey storage cabinet by garage door (off Jones Street).

How it works: Clean your out-grown cleats, tie the laces together and label with size. Place your old clean cleats in the cabinet on the appropriate shelf. Take home the pair that you need.

Couple of other Notes:

  • Yes, you can take cleats even if you don't bring a pair for exchange.
  • Please clean cleats up before putting in the box.
  • If the cleats have holes or broken soles please don't bring them nobody ever takes them.
  • Please only soccer cleats. No Baseball or American Football.
  • The Exchange is open year round.
  • Some people have dropped off other equipment such as socks, shin guards and balls, so sometimes this stuff is available.

Unable to find your size at the shoe bank, check out the selection at Size Youth 1 on up available. You can search by size, price, style etc.

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