2013 UK Elite Spring Break Camp

We are excited to announce that Ballard Youth Soccer Club will again be partnering with UK Elite Soccer to run the 4th annual Spring Break Soccer Camp.

This year's Spring Break camp will have two options: UK Elite Global Soccer Camp and the UK Elite Goalkeeper Camp.

The UK Elite Global camp will use the UK Elite Global curriculum to teach players techniques and skills from some of the world's leading soccer nations such as Brazil, England, Spain, Holland and USA. Each day will include daily themes, skills circuits and world cup scrimmages.

The Goalkeeper camp will teach all the technical and tactical skills needed to be a successful goalkeeper such as: handling, footwork, agility, low saves, high saves, breakaways, distribution, angles and positioning etc. Each day will also include small sided scrimmages.

Be sure to bookmark our Camps and Clinics page for great opportunities for your player!

See below for info and how to register:

Ballard Youth Soccer Club - UK Elite Spring Break Camp 2013
Dates: April 15th - April 19th
Times: 9am - 12noon
Location: Whitman Turf Soccer Field
UK Elite Goalkeeper Camp UK Elite Global Soccer Camp
Ages: 8 - 14 years Ages: 5 - 14 years
Price: $140 (includes UK Elite T-Shirt and player evaluation) Price: $140 (includes UK Elite T-Shirt and player evaluation)



For group and team discounts please contact Dan 206-406-5855 or email:

2012 Seattle City Tournament Photos
2012 City Tournament Results

The 2012 Seattle City Tournament finals were played on Saturday December 15th. It rained and snowed, families and fans cheered and the players gave it all on the field. It was a good day filled with tons of great soccer! I had the privilege of watching all but one of the Ballard teams play and was so proud of our players. I enjoyed seeing and meeting you all on the sidelines. Of the 15 final games all but two were one point games and 2 were draws at the end of regulations and required PKs to decide the winner!

Now let's see what the coaches say about their games.

Here are the 2012 City Tournament Results

Boys U-11 Beacon Hill French Dragons vs. Ballard KnockNoodles 1-2

Boys U-12 Woodland Bull Dogs vs. Ballard Red Devils 1-0

Boys U-13 Hillwood Tigers vs. Ballard Komodo Dragons 2-1

Girls U-12 Ballard Lynx vs. Hillwood Strikers 1-2*pk

Girls U-14 Ballard Dragons vs. Queen Anne Ninjas 2-0

Girls U-15 Ballard Real Pumas vs. LVR Girls United 2-0

Girls U-19 Ballard Red Hawks vs. Woodland Crush 1-2

B11 Knocknoodles - We knew going in that three things had to happen; the boys had to play solid, smart soccer, our strategy to take away the French Dragons strength had to work, and luck had to be on our side. When we lost to the F.D. earlier in the tournament, one player, #11, scored all four of their goals and did it with individual skill, so we chose to man-mark him the entire game. Their goal scorer #11 never really got a good touch. The KnockNoodles passed and ran well and held on strong when just a goal up. The F.D. hit the post once and missed a few good opportunities (the luck), so it all turned out well. We are very much looking forward to playing the French Dragons again next year! They are excellent opponents. - Coach Larry

B12 Red Devils - Throughout the tournament, the BU12 Red Devils played their collective hearts out and showed why they are champions to families, their club, and to themselves. As they advanced to the knock out rounds, they consistently gave what they needed to get the job done and gave all of their fans their monies worth in excitement and thrills. Highlights included:

First Semi-finals, winners bracket: battled all afternoon long, with shots off the post and heroic saves by both goalies, only to see a ricochet off a knee being the difference in the last 30 seconds, forcing us to the losers bracket.

Second Semi-Finals: We had difficulty scheduling this game with the Pirates and were hours away from forfeiting due to school commitments. Started with 10 players in the rain Tuesday night with exciting play up and down the field by both teams. A freakish, amazing diving save by our goalie late in the match sent us to penalty kicks, where the other team had won 3 matches already during this tournament via kicks from the spot. Red Devils prevailed 2-1, sending us to a rematch in the championship against the Bulldogs.

Championship: Another cold raining day again saw two teams give everything they had. The Bulldogs were disciplined and methodical, and eventually were able to break the tie with a wonderful display of skill and composure by their star player. The Red Devils pressured as hard as they could, having two chances in the final minutes to tie the match but were unable to put one pass the Bulldogs' goalie. Another brilliant display by kids enjoying the game of soccer, and a bittersweet end to another immensely successful season. I am so proud of the boys. - Coach Steve

G12 Lynx - Andy, I wanted to thank you personally for the incredible support this club has given our kids over the years. Reaching the final of the City Tournament at U12 is an incredible achievement for any team. And to think only a few short years ago we went an entire spring season without winning a single game! Thanks to the resources provided by Ballard Youth Soccer Club, our girls worked hard, remained dedicated to practices and games, attended Academy Training, goal keeper training, coaches earned their coaching licenses, and brought our team to a Gold level of play where we remained undefeated all season. In fact the City Tournament final was our first loss of the year. And even that was decided on penalty kicks. The tournament final itself was the Lynx's finest display of soccer yet. The team met the night before and discussed the areas we needed to improve upon, and the resulting performance was outstanding. The focus and attention was impeccable. The girls raised their game to a level I haven't seen before. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Ultimately it all comes down to this: Fun. Our team, the Ballard Lynx, probably had more fun than anyone else out there this year. Yes, it's a balancing act, but smiles and laughter brought us a long way. I have never been so lucky to coach these kids. -
Coach Shane

B13 Komodo Dragons - Being able to participate in the City Tournament Championship game was a real joy. I told my players at the beginning of the game that being there, having four referees, doing the walk-out before that game was an incredible achievement by itself, and was the result of hard work and dedication. We had played six games to get to the final over a two week period, outscoring opponents 26-6. However, we had lost to the HW Tigers 4-0 ten days earlier and had been thoroughly dominated in that one game. On Saturday, the Komodos brought all of their energy and played a fantastic game, putting the Tigers on their heels. If not for a small shift of the wind (or snow) and a little luck, the result could have easily been different, but we were tremendously satisfied with the effort. We were much less concerned with whether we won or lost, but focused on the wonderful opportunity of just being in the Championship. - Coach Jonathan

G15 Real Pumas - This was a fantasticly close, early morning game in the rain and SNOW that was sealed in the last minute of regulation for a 2-0 Puma win. We scored early in the first half and it was 1 - 0 for the rest of the game. There was all that last minute "oh god, if they score, it's down to kicks, do we have the right 11 on the field, etc, etc." All that angst. But then Charlotte took a shot from fairly far out (which we had told them to do at the half), and lo and behold, it went in.

We are so impressed by the sportsmanship and quality of play from our opponents, Girls United. The Pumas are proud Champions of the GU 15 Bracket, Congratulations PUMAS!!!

Wow!!! I have never been associated with a TOUGHER group of girls in my life! Our girls have been kicked, tripped, pushed, cleated, elbowed, and hit. Our keeper played with a jammed finger on Saturday and yet, they didn't quit! In fact, they just got better.

I finally started coaching when my last kid started soccer. So I've been with two of these girls since they were 6. It's been a joy to coach them. I'm looking forward to three more years with them. I know John feels the same.

Thank you parents for giving us the best group of girls in the City and getting them to all of those practices and games. Thank you for a great season!

Coaches John and Diana

Ballard Blood Drive

Our club is home to many neat families that contribute to our community in so many different ways. Led by BU15 Scorpions coach, Peter Quinn several of our socially conscious boys are organizing a blood drive for this coming March or April. To get Puget Sound Blood Center to allocate a mobile blood drawing unit to their event and to set a date they need 25 commitments to donate blood. Their goal is 100 committed donors. They need your support to make this happen.

To commit as a potential donor, please email Peter Quinn, PETERQUINNNEI@AOL.COM






2012 Syttende Mai Parade

Soccer and Our Norse Roots
by Jason Grekas
May 18, 2012

What a wonderful event the Syttende Mai Parade is!

Ballard Youth Soccer Club participated in the May 17th (Syttende Mai) celebration for the first time in many years. The wait was worth it, and our kids earned their way into the fun and excitement.

There was a great turn-out of teams, with everyone from departing U18 girls who have finished playing for us, to our youngest representatives for the future who have yet to play a game. Our 2011 City Champions participated with boys, girls and coaches from all ages.

Great behavior from our kids on and off the field demonstrates why Ballard Youth soccer is 1,800 strong and growing and how it continues to shine in this great community.

The players and families had a great time representing this special game that the whole world loves.

Many thanks to Jeff Otness who organized this entire event for our club.

To all who participated, players & parents, thank you for your participation and for doing an outstanding job of representing Ballard Youth Soccer Club.

2011 City Tournament

Soccer is more than a Game for the Ballard Lasers
by Paul Payton

Commitment. Best friends. Laughter. Together. Unforgettable family. These are some of the words that resonate with some young women soccer players on the Ballard Lasers.

On Saturday, December 17 - these players completed their youth soccer journey in style! After more than ten years and hundreds of games together, the Ballard Lasers won the Seattle Youth Soccer Association's Girls U-19 City Tournament on their third attempt. It was more than a charm; it was destiny.

With a core group of players intact from the original U9 team and led by parent and longtime coach, Jeff Otness, the Lasers overcame a lot, including a tough baptism to youth soccer in their first season, other sports, boyfriends and growing up! Through it all, soccer kept them together.

"Soccer has kept us from drifting apart," shared Natalie, one of the original Lasers. The team brought friends together, the girls relied on each other, and former teammates would come back to watch their friends play. It was more than friendship. It felt like a sisterhood, where they had each other's back. They were family.

The patriarch of the team, Jeff Otness balanced coaching three youth soccer teams including the Lasers, however, as the girls got older - the involvement of two-hour training sessions were interrupted. Yet, the overarching commitment was always there for their teammates and their coach.

Despite being unbeaten through to the Final, the Lasers were not taking anything for granted. Jeff only asked one thing from any of his players, "be the best they could be." On December 17, the girls responded in what several players felt their play came altogether. "When you play so long together, you know each other's tendencies and it helps," said Sarah, another original Lasers player. They completed their youth soccer careers with a 3-0 win and a City Championship!

One longtime Laser could not play in the final, so her teammates laid her jersey on their team bench, illustrating the togetherness and spirit of the Lasers.

While their youth soccer careers have ended and the girls look ahead to college and new endeavors, they know they can always rely on each other. After all, they are family.

Seattle City Tournament

Joining the Lasers as Ballard teams celebrating as 2011 SYSA City Tournament Champions were - Girls U13 Black Bears, Girls U14 Otter Pops and Boys U17 Rockets. As runner-up and playing great games in the final GU13 Dragons and BU13 360s. The 360s were awarded the BU13 Championship due to disqualification of their opponent. Congratulations to these Ballard Champions and all the teams that participated in the tournament!