Commonly Asked Rules Questions

Q: There is a rumor circulating that it is OK to wear post earrings if they are covered with tape. I read the SYSA rules that say "under no circumstances may jewelry of any sort be worn. Jewelry includes...earrings (including posts)." Can posts be worn in a game if they are covered with tape?

A: No jewelry is allowed for safety reasons, this includes earrings of any kind. Putting tape over newly pierced posts is insufficient, taped earrings are still not allowed.

Q: Is "offsides" called in U11?

A: Yes! Offside is called at U11 - even close "offsides" should be called. Referees do their best to get it right.

Q: Do you call hand balls in GU11? There were several times where a girl had her arms crossed on her chest and played the ball with her arms or allowed the ball to bounce off her arms. No call was made.

A: Yes. Handballs are called (resulting in a Direct Kick). But remember, it must be deliberate and not just a protective reaction.

Q:, I was watching a u11 game yesterday, and a defender tried to kick the ball while she was on the ground inside the box. The opposing coach yelled at the young ref, who then called a Penalty Kick!! Isn't "playing from the ground" considered "dangerous play" and shouldn't it have been an indirect kick?

A: If there was no contact made with an opponent, it would be considered dangerous play, and an Indirect Free Kick should be given not a penalty kick.

Q: During the City Tournament, at the end of a tie game can any player on the field at the time be named the goalie for the shootout or does it have the be the player designated as goalie at the end of the game?

A: Any of the 11 players on the field at the end of game can be the goalie.