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Ballard Youth Soccer Club Coaches Training Reimbursement Policy

The club will reimburse BYSC Coaches for training sponsored or sanctioned by SYSA or WSYSA for D license level training and below.

A BYSC Coach is a person who is registered as a coach for a team whose players register with Ballard Youth Soccer Club.

Reimbursement will be paid upon receipt of the following three items by the Executive Director and Treasurer. This is required to have an account of club funds used for this purpose.

  1. Receiving proof of payment for the training (receipt, copy of cashed check, etc...)
  2. A note or e-mail that includes a brief description of what the training was, who sponsored it, and when it was held
  3. A copy of your certificate

If there is a question about whether a particular training is covered, please ask the Director.
Ballard Youth Soccer Club will follow all guidance on coaching requirements set forth by SYSA and WSYSA.


It is the Washington State Youth Soccer Association's aim to encourage all active coaches within WSYSA to be licensed. Clubs and Associations can help us achieve our goal by providing a license opportunity for their coaches and by requiring their coaches to attend license courses.

Below is WSYSA's recommended licensing structure.

U-6 Certificate Course
All coaches of players under 6 years of age.

4v4 Grassroots Module
All coaches of players under 8-9 years of age.

7v7 Grassroots Module
All coaches of players under 9-10 years of age.

9v9 Grassroots Module
All coaches of players u11-12 years of age.

11v11 Grassroots Module
All coaches of teams that play 11-a-side soccer

D License Course
"C" License preparatory course. (SYSA requires coaches of select teams to obtain this prior to second season coaching select team)

C License Course
All coaches of Premier teams U-13 and older should have at least a "C" License.

B License Course
All State Instructional Staff, ODP State Assistant Coaches, Club age group head coaches, all
premier level coaching U-16 and above.

A License Course
Professional, college, National Teams/Staff, Regional coaches, State Directors of Coaching, ODP
State Head Coaches, Club Head coaches/Directors of Coaching.

The improvement of soccer performance depends upon
a) The balance of standards in competitive leagues.
b) The improvement in the standard of coaching.

While competitive balance can only be improved by decisions made by appointed committees or
boards, each individual coach can help to improve the level of coaching by attempting to improve
his/her knowledge of the game.