Referee Certification

Referee Clinics, Training and Education

New Referees are needed for our growing soccer programs in Seattle!

Washington State Referee Committee (WASRC)

You can get your Referee certification from anywhere in Washington. See the WASRC How to become a referee page for registration details, instructions and information.

Available Clinics

To see a list of available clinics see the registration page via the Washington State Referee Committee (WASRC) website at Contact details for the Clinic Host are available on the website.

SYSA organizes Referee clinics each year.

Typical Certification

  • Advanced Preparation / Online Module Completion Required

  • Saturday session 8:30 am to 5:30pm

  • The day finishes with the test until 5:30 pm

    • The testing is a combination of online questions and a paper test written to the 9th School grade reading level.

  • Registration is $15 and the course fee of $50 - you will be required to pay the fee online.

  • To find clinic schedules and to register, visit and click on "Clinics/Events" and choose Entry level from the drop down menu.

  • These clinics fill up quickly so be sure to register soon!

  • Refereeing is a paid position so you will make the registration fees back in a few games.