Ages for Soccer - SYSA Recreational Clubs use a "school year" based age system to build teams. "AGE" is that of the player as of July 31 of the current year. Teams and ages are referred to as U (under), then an age. For example 10 year olds play on U11 teams.


  • Registration fee - $95

  • Players will receive a souvenir Jersey which they keep at the end of the season.

  • Season - 8 weeks in September and October

  • Games - Saturdays in Ballard

  • Girls and boys play on the same teams (Coed).

  • Team Practices will start in late August. The practice time (usually once a week) is determined by the volunteer coaches who make every effort to find a time suitable for all players on the team.

Micro Soccer is beginning soccer. U5, U6 and U7 teams (4-6 yr.), play "Micro" soccer. It involves short games on small fields with no goalie, pop-up goals, and 3 players to a side. Games are two 20 minute periods. This allows these young players plenty of opportunity to run and get a maximum number of touches on the ball, without worrying a lot about playing positions. U5 Teams have small rosters of players with a maximum of 8 per team. U6 and U7 Teams have a maximum roster size of 12 players and two games are played simultaneously by each team. Micro teams play only other BYSC micro teams. The emphasis is on beginning skills of ball handling and passing. Scores are not kept and there are no standings. Shorts, shin guards, soccer cleats, and a ball must be provided by each player. Since there are not a lot of practice fields in Ballard, micro teams are not assigned practice fields

For the U5 Rules

For the U6 and U7 Rules