Ages for Soccer - SYSA Recreational Clubs use a "school year" based age system to build teams. "AGE" is that of the player as of July 31 of the current year. Teams and ages are referred to as U (under), then an age. For example 10 year olds play on U11 teams.


  • Age 7 - 8 as of July 31 of the current year

  • Registration fee - $145

  • Players will receive a souvenir Jersey which they keep at the end of the season.

  • Season - 8 weeks in September and October

  • Games - Saturdays in Ballard (Some travel to nearby clubs: Magnolia, Woodland)

  • Girls and boys play on single gender teams.

  • Team Practices will start in late August. There are two practice per week, one is the Academy Practice. The practice time is determined by the volunteer coaches who make an effort to find a time suitable for all players on the team.

Mod Soccer means modified soccer. The team rosters are smaller; U-8 teams play 4-a-side (3 field players and a goalie). U-9 teams play 5-a-side (4 field players and a goalie.) The fields on which they play are also smaller; 25 yd by 40 yd. Games are two 25 minute halves. Goalkeepers are introduced. This is a developmental soccer program for younger players. Mod teams play other BYSC teams as well as teams from other nearby soccer clubs. The emphasis of the game is on skills development. Scores are not kept and there are no standings. Shorts, shin guards, soccer cleats, and a ball must be provided by each player. Referees are introduced, although they are not much older than the players. Most games are still refereed by the coaches. Girls and boys play on separate teams in separate leagues; mixed teams are allowed, but play in the boys' leagues.

For the U8 Rules
For the U9 Rules