U13-U19 Full Field Soccer

Ages for Soccer - SYSA Recreational Clubs use a "school year" based age system to build teams. "AGE" is that of the player as of July 31 of the current year. Teams and ages are referred to as U (under), then an age. For example 10 year olds play on U11 teams.


  • Age 12 - 18 as of July 31 of the current year

  • Players are issued a cool Ballard Red Jersey that they will use for two seasons.

  • Practices - starts in August in Ballard

  • Season - weekend after Labor Day to weekend before Thanksgiving

  • End of season tournament - City Tournament - week after Thanksgiving to weekend before Christmas

  • Games - played in Seattle and Shoreline, usually played on the days indicated
    o U13 - Sat
    o U14 - Sun
    o U15 - U19 - Sat except Thursday evenings for U18-U19 boy

  • Registration fee - $145

Association soccer is recreational soccer - player selection for teams may not be based on ability or by any tryout process. The Association is Seattle Youth Soccer Association (SYSA) which consists of 12 neighborhood clubs and an advanced program called Seattle United. Within each age group older than U10, there are three divisions: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The coaches and the SYSA registrars determine the division level for each team. Teams stay together year to year and may move up or down a division each season.

FIFA rules apply to this level of play as amended by SYSA.

For the SYSA Rules