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For 2018 we set up one fantasy league for our players and families. We invite you all to join! This league do not cost anything to play. We think that one of the best things our players can do, in addition to play, is watch more soccer. While you don't need to watch any MLS soccer to participate in the fantasy league most find that they do start watching more soccer.

This will be our sixth year with a Classic Fantasy League. We had two dozen or so participants last year and we would like to have many more participants this year. Our goal is to have over 75 players this year. This league is beginner friendly. There is no draft so if every single person in our league wants Dempsy on their team they can have him. It is really simple and doesn't require a ton of work like many other fantasy leagues do. You can even select autofill and it will generate your team for you. There are new rules this year that you can read about on the MLS pages.

  • In a classic league your score is ranked against all the other participants in the league. The players for your team earn points depending on their play.

Our classic league is named: Ballard Youth Soccer Fantasy League

Code to join this league: X6VC37UU

The link to the MLS Fantasy page

On the MLS soccer website there is a selection of articles about how fantasy soccer works and team construction. They are informative.

PRIZES: Our goal is to have monthly winners. That should give us a few different "winners". Winner will be the player who amassed the most points during the rounds of that month. This means that you can join anytime to play. Prizes will be about $25. Prizes are only for the Classic league. You need to be part of Ballard Youth Soccer to collect a prize.

Monthly Winners

MLS Fantasy Soccer – Congratulations! The winners are:

  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
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Classic League Prizes

Highest total score for March wins

Other prizes to come!

  • $25 gift card to
  • Seattle Reign Tickets
  • Gift Card to Big 5
  • Sounders Tickets
  • and more
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