Injury Prevention

We all want to keep our players safe. Use the info below to build a warm up program for your team. Below are links to several programs that you can use.

UW Medicine and Seattle United

Developed by UW Sports Medicine for Seattle United teams. This program is a further developed version of the F-MARC 11+

F-MARC 11+ Program

FIFA developed program for injury prevention and warmup. The "FIFA 11+ " is a complete warm-up programme to reduce injuries among male and female football players aged 14 years and older.

The programme was developed by an international group of experts, and its effectiveness has been proven in a scientific study. Teams that performed the "FIFA 11+ " at least twice a week had 30-50% fewer injured players.

IRG Dynamic Movement and Performance Prep

This program is developed by IRG to dynamically stretch the muscles as well as essentail body movements